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DILG, DTI Launch Project to Streamline Business Permits and Licenses August 6, 2010   Posted By: Administrator


August 6, 2010.         In a move to speed up the issuance of business permits and licenses in cities and municipalities of the country, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) today jointly launched a project that will streamline the processes in getting business permits and licenses from city and municipal governments.

Dubbed as the Nationwide Streamlining of Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS) Reform Project for local government units (LGUs), the launching will be highlighted with the signing of a joint Memorandum Circular by DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo and DTI Secretary Gregory Domingo at the DTI Office in Makati City, and witnessed by representatives of the different LGU Leagues and other local and international partners.

The circular contained the implementing guidelines that set the standards in processing business permits and licensing in all cities and municipalities.

Robredo said the project is in line with President Aquino’s policy for LGUs to streamline their processes to make business start-ups easier.

“Hopefully, this project will help attract more investors to our cities and towns and foster local economic growth, as well as generate job opportunities at the local levels,” he added.

Robredo cited the objectives of the project which include recommending standards for BPLS which the LGU can follow; develop capacity building programs for BPLS streamlining; organize government departments at the regional level to work with LGUs in implementing BPLS reforms; and harmonize different reform initiatives by development partners on BPLS project.

The program will cover four components, namely, Simplification and Standardization of BPLS for new registration and renewals; Computerization; Improving Customer Relations; and Institutionalization of the Reforms.

Under the BPLS, all LGUs shall use a single unified form in processing new applications for business permits and business renewals to reduce the steps and time for applying business permits.  The unified form consolidates all the information about a business registrant needed by various local and national agencies and will contribute to the reduction of steps and time in applying business permits.

Robredo explained that aside from the use of a single unified form, cities and municipalities have to follow the five (5) easy steps in processing application for new business permits or for business renewals and for process/flowcharts be posted in strategic locations in the LGU’s Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS).

Based on the reform guidelines, the five steps in applying for new business permits or business renewals are the following: 1) Securing an application form from the city or municipality; 2) Filing or submission of the accomplished application form with attached documentary requirements (e.g. SECT/DTI/CDA certificate of registration, location map and barangay clearance); 3) One-time assessment of taxes, fees and charges; 4) One-time payment of taxes, fees and charges; and 5) Securing the Mayor’s Permit upon submission of official receipt as proof of payment of taxes, fees and charges imposed by the LGU.

“We want our LGUs to adopt computerized BPLS and reduce processing time which shall not take more than five days for the release of the permit.” Robredo added.

The DILG chief also enjoined LGU leagues to support the implementation of the BPLS reforms in response to the need of providing a supportive environment for local businesses. ###


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